Brooke and Max Pfeiffer Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, October 3, 2014

It is hard to bring it down to one favorite part of the day because there were so many so I will just try to just list a few. Some great moments were when my dad and Max saw me for the first time. There is something about when they look at you will that true awh that makes you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. One of my true favorite moments was when my dad was walking me down the aisle and I could see Max's face. I just felt like the most blessed girl to have two such amazing men in my life who will always be there watching after me in different ways!

Wedding Team

How We Met

Max and I went to college in the same town and had several similar friends throughout those years but we didn't truly meet until a few years later. I had moved back to town and we were introduced through friends. We would go on to hang out a few times over the next month or so as he would bring his dog over for me to run. I think it was his plan all along, he is lucky I love dogs so much. Then it all changed when he invited me out to his family's lake cabin to hang out for an evening. I ended up staying the rest of the weekend and was back with him the next weekend for the fourth of July. We kept stated we were just friends but I think everyone else also knew it was much more than that!

Planning for Our Day

When I started planning I had several different ideas that I liked but I kept coming back to the very natural romantic feel. I knew I wanted to be married outside and use the beauty of this hills as the background which is why we choice Tatanka to have the ceremony. I wanted it to feel very romantic and just let the beauty of the hills really deepen that feeling. The reception at SpringHill Suites was covered in real flowers which really pulled in that just soft natural romantic feeling that I wanted. I would have to say that is one thing that we really splurged on was the flowers. Even when I was little I always just loved the feel of real flowers just the true beauty in them so I knew that was a must have!! The other thing we splurged on was the food and drinks. It was really important to us that our guests were enjoying the day as much as we were since they were there to help us celebrate our big day so we made sure no one went hungry or thirsty.

Hint for Brides

I would have to say my biggest tips for other brides are don't worry if small things go wrong along the way of planning or the day of because they will but it doesn't change how magical your day is. We lost our officiant a month before the ceremony and couldn't find a new one but then we decided to have Max's brother do the ceremony and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened! Things work out so try to worry to much. Also I would say spend the money on the videographer, there is just something so special about watching the day back and being able to see it from a different view!