Claudia and Garrett Hougland Wedding Photo

Claudia and Garrett Hougland Wedding Story

Wedding Theme

Natural, Romantic

The Day We Said Yes

Saturday, August 1st, 2020

How We Met

We met as freshman in high school because of an alphabetical seating chart, but didn’t get together until senior year when Garrett taught me how to drive stick shift and got Armadillos  as a first date.

Planning Our Day

We chose K Bar S because it was such a beautiful venue and you can see the top of Old Baldy from the valley which made it even more special for us. We tried to shop as local as possible because we have soo many talented people in the hills and everyone is soo friendly and truly wants to make you have the best experience!

Wedding Hint

 Splurge on photography and videography! They truly capture all the best parts of your special day!