Brianna and David Hamilton Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 20, 2013

Both the groom and my favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It was so special and unique to us; it couldn't have been more perfect. We had one of our best friends marry us, our sister and cousin perform an amazing song, and we wrote our own vows. Some people say they don't remember a thing about their ceremony, but we feel like we remember every detail! It was an amazing start to our lifetime together as a married couple.

Wedding Team

How We Met

We fell in love at Mankato State University, Mankato. It was basically love at first sight for Brianna, and David shortly followed after some encouragement. David had already planned to study abroad in Spain before we had started dating. We made it through long distance dating a whole country away and decided we couldn't be without each other. David decided if we were going to get married in South Dakota, he wanted a wedding in the wilderness and beauty of the Black Hills. This is the reason we chose the K Bar S.

Planning for Our Day

We wanted a simple yet modern wedding. I chose to do some DIY projects such as glittery wine bottles for a centerpiece, printed and cut out invitations and pink tissue paper pom poms for around the room. I also really enjoyed looking on websites like pinterest and Etsy. Our cake topper and gift bags were purchased on Etsy. We splurged on the dress, drinks and food, gifts and entertainment. We also chose our photographers for their modern flare and couldn't have made a better decision.

Hint for Brides

One aspect we really enjoyed was that our DJ and photographers had worked together before and were so incredibly organized. They had so many ideas and suggestions that made our day run smoothly. It's the little things you don't think of because as a bride and groom, you don't have experience! Legacy and Powerhouse were complete professionals and so much fun to work with. We trusted their experience and were right for doing so. The best advice I can give is to just go with the flow. Have fun and be embraced in your day. Try not to think about the small things! David and I talked about how so many things went "wrong" on our wedding day, but we didn't even notice or care. We couldn't do our first look outside because it was raining, but our pictures inside looked fabulous. We completely forgot about our Photo Booth idea and props until the end of the dance when the photographers had already left, so we had everyone put them on and take pictures themselves!