Anya and Ben Mueller Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, September 21, 2013

Favorite part...I have a few. My favorite part of the day was coming out of the bird house doors and walking down the aisle with my dad and then Ben receiving me as his wife was a favorite part. My dad has always been there for me and has been 'the man' in my life and now Ben is filling the role as the main man in my life, it was emotional. Also when Ben's sisters sang "The Rose" I kinda lost it, such a sweet ballad and extra special because it was family singing it. And when the bird landed in our hands was another favorite memory. It flew down from the top window in the bird house and landed right in our hands when the Reverend was talking the God's Knot and said "the white ribbon represents love and compassion just like the color of the dove which brings hope." My heart soared when the bird landed, it was just how I had imagined. My bridal bouquet was special too, my mom made me a broach bouquet with broaches from my mom, great aunt, grandmother, and both grandmothers.

How We Met

When I first saw Ben, I had an immediate attraction to him. I knew this man had to be mine. And my opening line was "You look like a mouse." But it must have worked because we talked all night and started seeing each other every chance we could. Although his cute smile attracted me at first, his gentle and loving heart kept me intrigued. We both tried not to move the relationship so fast, as we've both been burned by rushing into things, but it was hard to deny. We bring out the best in each other and like to try new things. Ben proposed to me on a golf course, he had is friend Nick (Best Man) hide the ring in the last hole at Red Rocks. Ben made me get his ball from the hole, and low and behold there was diamond in the hole, which was a total surprise. He had been planning this day for months.

Planning for Our Day

We wanted an outdoor/fall wedding, but we didn't want to go with a typical venue. One day I was at Reptile Gardens enjoying the bird show and it just hit me, "This place would be a great place for the wedding." So we asked and they accepted. We are the first to have a wedding in the Bird Show Arena. It was such a lush, fabulous venue with so many fresh flowers and green grass. The staff was so accommodating. We entered the wedding 'stage' through the house doors and even had a bird land on our hands, when the Reverend spoke about the God's Knot. It was very exciting (as in rehearsal the bird did not have one good landing!)We had bubbles blown at us as we escaped to the get a way car my dad drove, which was a car my dad had restored (a red 65 Chevy Impala).

Hint for Brides

My advice to other brides would be to do advance planing of your day, and invite friends and family to help you. Without the help of my close circle, I could not have done any of it. They all contributed in their special way. And then during the wedding day, let it go, try not to worry about those small details that you already planned out. Let your loved ones take care of it. And just worry about how you feel about your man, let those emotions fill you up and take over your heart and mind and you will feel that joy on your wedding day.