Amy and Brad Johnson Engagement Announcement

Amy Tierney, daughter of Paul and Robin Tierney of Oral, SD, has become engaged to Brad Johnson, son of Bill and Laura Johnson of Reva, SD.

Wedding Date

Friday, August 23, 2019


I knew it was coming, I had accidentally saw a picture of rings on his phone in January. We had seriously talked about it in March, and I knew he talked with my dad. It was Monday and I had a feeling it was the day. I was ready for his proposal, nothing at all!

The next day I had got home late from work and worked out. I met him after I was done, I was in my sweatpants but we were just running over to the neighbors to drop off a box of dolls for their kids.

As the girls and I were digging through the new box of toys, we had hid the ring in the box. I turned towards him, as he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

How They Met

Most people assumed we just met through rodeo and some wondered why we weren’t together sooner. Yes, we knew of each other because of rodeo but I never said a word to Mr Bradley Johnson until February 2018.

His side of the story goes like this: Brad- “Hi, I’m Brad Johnson. Amy-“Yeah I know who you are”. I like to think my response was a little sweeter. I must have made a lasting impression because 4 months later, he wrote me a message when he was passing by, The rest is history.