Shelby Bauer and Joseph Serrano Engagement Announcement

Shelby Bauer, daughter of Cary and Stacy Bauer of Aberdeen SD, has become engaged to Joseph Serrano, son of Claire Roman and Joel Serrano of Florida and Virginia.

Saturday, October 9th 2021


Joseph was deployed a little over halfway through our first year together. It was a long six months apart but we called every day and even talked about marriage on some of those calls together. It finally came the day that he was going to be coming home. He got off the plane and ran to me with a big hug. Joseph had me wait for a moment as he went to use the restroom. Little did I know that he was actually setting up an area to ask me to marry him.

How They Met

We met through an online dating site, and our first date was at a coffee shop. Both of us were so nervous to meet each other, but we knew from the first date that something special was going to happen. We started dating a couple of weeks later after going on a hike together to Poets Table with a couple of his friends. From that moment on, we knew this was meant to be.