Sidney and Brian Engagement Announcement

Sidney Nayman, daughter of Troy and Tonya of Rapid City, has become engaged to Brian Champion, son of Lester and Amanda of Nisland.

Saturday, September 19th 2020


The day Brian proposed to me was our two year anniversary date! Due to my work schedule we put aside Sundays as our breakfast date days, well that Sunday we decided to stay home and make our own breakfast! After breakfast we hung out for a bit and then decided to go on a geocache hunt, which we do regularly durning the summer time! We chose a spot in Piedmont off a four wheeling trail! It actually took us a little more time to find this cache for some reason, maybe because Brian knew what was gonna happen and was getting nervous? After walking around a lot Brian finally found it! He handed me the log book to sign and after finishing that he asked me to look around in the cache box. There it was a beautiful ring in the bottom and as I turn around to show him he’s down on one knee asking if I would marry him!! Of course I said yes!! After jumping around with joy and sharing some kisses we headed back down to the truck! To celebrate we went to our favorite restaurant Fuji Steakhouse for dinner and then met up with my family to celebrate the rest of the night!

How They Met

It’s honestly kinda embarrassing how we met! I (Sidney) was living with my grandparents for the summer and Brian was living back in Nisland with his parents. We met each other via the Internet! After talking for a few days we decided to meet up and go on a date! As a result of Brian spending all his money the previous weekend we had to wait another week before going on our first date! A week later we met up and went mini golfing (Sidney won by the way) and then headed downtown to meet up with Brian’s friends and have a few drinks! After hanging out for awhile we decided to call it a night and Brian drove me back to my grandparents truck! I was driving their truck so I could kinda impress him haha! We get back to the truck and if anyone knows me they knows that I can’t keep track of my phone and keys very well, so what happened? Well I lost the keys to truck so we spent about 10 minutes looking for them and finally found them! Brian always jokes about he knew from that point on that he would have to try his best to keep track of MY stuff!

Our first date was simple but wonderful! We just clicked! There was no doubt in either of our minds that we would be dating for awhile and here we are two years later engaged! I would say the rest is history but in reality the rest is the future and we cannot wait!