Theresa and Joshua Herrera Engagement Announcement

Theresa Poloncic, daughter of Tom and Joy Poloncic of Rapid City, has become engaged to Joshua Herrera, son of Bert and Missy Herrera of Rawlins, WY.

Saturday, June 20th 2020


A year and a half after we started dating, Joshua had planned a romantic date night, which wasn't unusual because we were headed to one of our favorite spots. Shortly before we took off for our evening together, he gets a call from his cousins who want us to take a drive outside of town and look for some elk sheds. Shed hunting isn't my favorite hobby but I do enjoy driving around and seeing the beautiful scenery so we went. Little did I know, Joshua had been planning this for a while and took all morning to set up. 
We were in an area I had never been before so as we pulled up to an overlooking above the river, we decided to get out and look around. We walk up to the edge of a cliff, Joshua is looking through his binoculars and asks me to try and read a sign down below. I grab the binoculars, find the sign and read out loud, “Will you marry me?” As soon as I read the words, I turned around to find Joshua on one knee with the most gorgeous ring. Of course I said YES!

How They Met

Back in 2010, Joshua and I were introduced through my cousin, who just happened to be his best friend. A few months after meeting in Casper, WY, Joshua had asked me to Prom. We attended Prom that year and stayed friends throughout high school and college. We started dating in 2017, after I got a job teaching Kindergarten in Rawlins.