Rebecca and Patrick Hurley Engagement Announcement

Rebecca Godber, daughter of Holly and Jeff Godber, has become engaged to Patrick Hurley, son of Maureen and Darrel Hurley.

Saturday, July 18th 2020


After 11 months of long distance dating, Patrick asked once more for my dad's number. This time I gave him his number. On our one year anniversary, Patrick made reservations at a fancy restaurant for us. I spent hours getting ready! When we were about to leave Patrick said, “You look beautiful. Your hair is pretty and your new dress is pretty… but I think you're missing something.” And that's when he got down on one knee and proposed!

Photos by Riley Winter Photography

How They Met

When I think about the story of how we met, the word 'serendipity' comes to mind. Patrick was in Denver visiting friends from college. The boys decided to have a pool party that day. My best friend's boyfriend was friends with the boys and he was invited to the pool party. My best friend invited me to go with and after a little convincing, I decided why not. After what seemed like an eternity (gotta love Denver traffic) we finally made it to the pool party but by the time we got there it was more of a pool nap scene rather than a pool party scene. Patrick was wearing a hat from a store in the town I grew up in so I asked him about the hat and we hit it off from there. It turns out that we grew up 60 miles from each other and had a lot more in common. Patrick's pick up line that day was, “What's your dad's number? I have a question to ask him.” I did not give him my dad's phone number… well not until 11 months later.