Lexi and Blake Burtzlaff Engagement Announcement

Lexi Harrison, daughter of Dusty & Heidi of Sturgis & Rapid City, has become engaged to Blake Burtzlaff, son of Leonard & Deb of Whitewood.

Saturday, June 6th 2020


The engagement was supposed to be a few days before it actually happened, due to a mistake made at Lexi’s work that resulted in Blake feeding $50 worth of flowers to the wildlife. On August 30th, 2019 they were on the way to take their puppy to the vet when Blake was going the opposite direction Lexi got confused. Blake took her to one of his favorite spots near their home. She found flowers and a special note that she was reading as Blake dropped to a knee and asked her to spend forever with him. She instantly said yes and grabbed the ring before he could even blink an eye.

How They Met

It all started when Blake went with a friend and his girlfriend to look for deer antlers. After this day, Lexi's friend had told her about this guy she had to meet because they were just perfect for each other and Lexi added Blake on Facebook to try to connect! They started to talk via Facebook for a couple weeks. Blake finally stomached up the courage to ask Lexi on their first date, after this they spent as much time together as they could.