Ashlee and Kolten Odle Engagement Announcement

Ashlee Sell, daughter of Terry Sell of Rapid City, has become engaged to Kolten Odle, son of Darren & Carri Odle of Sturgis.

Friday, July 24th 2020


On a random Wednesday after the madness of the day, my 5 year old son, came upstairs with a note; and it read “Will you please let Kolten be my Step Dad”, out walked Kolten around the corner, he then got down on one knee. My son handed him a ring out of his pocket and Kolten asked me the very question that made me cry my eyes out! Of course, the rest is history and we are so happy to be planning our special day, and life ahead of us.

How They Met

Working at a local salon, just going about my daily shift, I had a return client named “Kolten”, that showed up for his regular hair appointment.  After conversations about life and enjoying each other’s time while cutting his hair, he finally asked me out on a date; after plenty of return haircuts. I was so hesitant and nervous (because that was number one rule of my personal rule “don’t date your clients”) but something about him made me think, “okay!”
Well, he turned out to be my long lost best friend/ soul mate/ and now father to my children.