Starla and John Modjeski Engagement Announcement

Starla Pressley, daughter of Carey and Debbie of Lead, has become engaged to John Modjeski, son of Glenn and Pat of Minnesota.

Saturday, June 13th 2020


September 13th was a special day for John and I. We had talked about marriage but I knew one thing for sure…John would not propose on any special anniversary day or holiday. Well at least that's what he told me. So September 13th comes and he says he'd like to go back to the 1st place we kissed. We had a busy summer and weren't able to get there. And since it was our anniversary of a special occasion he would like to go before work. So he took the Harley down and I drove. We got there and knowing that I loved photos, he said let's take a few pictures. So we did. Then he said well lets get a little closer to the water and get one more. So we head down closer to “our” falls and he gets down on one knee. I immediately start crying and yet again I can not speak. He asked me to marry him and all I do is cry. He smiles and asks me again to be his wife. I finally manage a head nod and finally a yes and he slips on my now favorite morganite/rose gold engagement ring.

How They Met

John and I met at my campground when he came for the Sturgis Rally. We both were attached when we first met but when knew there was some kind of spark. I knew this more than him because I was unable to say even 4 words to him without blushing, stuttering or without stupidly grinning. It wasn't until he came back the next year and we were both single that we started talking. I hinted at John that I loved Harley's and would love to go on a ride. He asked and we've been together ever since.