Miranda Hutcheson and Brian Beaudin Engagement Announcement

Miranda Hutcheson, has become engaged to Brian Beaudin.

Friday, September 18th 2020


Brian proposed on Mirandas' birthday in Ouray, CO while on a company trip off roading in the mountains. It was such a beautiful day and the most breathtaking views (literally) at 14,000 ft.
It was the perfect setting for adventurous lifestyle!

How They Met

Brian and Miranda met 2015 in Rapid City, SD while Brian was in town attending SDSM&T. They met through a mutual friend who invited Miranda to a bonfire.

It was love at first site.

Brian was sitting on a lawn chair across the fire bundled up in every coat possible with a PBR in his hand, being shy as ever. Miranda couldn't believe her eyes that “tall dark and handsome” actually exists.

After talking for awhile it was clear that Brian was trying his best to flirt. The night went on and they parted ways.

A few days later, Miranda made the move to reach out while Brian tried his best to play hard to get.

Months of dates went by and they became each others best friends and fell in love.