The Wedding Shoe Game

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a wedding couple sitting in chairs holding up shoes and wondered what’s going on, you’re not alone. The Wedding Shoe Game is a trend that started showing up in weddings years ago, and it’s only getting more popular.

Wedding Shoe Game Basics

While most couples choose to play the Wedding Shoe Game during the reception, it’s a great icebreaker at your rehearsal dinner too. If you play at the reception, the best times are right after toasts while your guests are eating, after cutting the cake (again, when guests are eating), or during any other lulls in the action. If you have a band, playing the Wedding Shoe Game during their break is also the perfect way to fill in some time. 

The rules of the game are simple: the newlyweds take off their shoes and trade one of them, so each person has one of each shoe. They then sit back-to-back so they can’t see one another. A designated person, usually a bridesmaid or groomsman, starts asking simple questions like “who said I love you first?” The couple then hold up the shoe of the person who they think answers the question best. As the game progresses, you can ask harder questions, or ones that are likely to get you to answer differently. A popular one to spark some laughter is “who is the better driver?” or “who is the better cook?” 

Fun Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Most couples choose to have a pre-selected list of questions to be asked during the game. This way you know the questions are appropriate for your guests and lets you avoid being asked anything you might not want to answer. Letting other people ask questions can be a fun way to get guests involved, though, so do what feels right for you! No matter how you compile your questions, the key is to ask enough to have fun but not so many that your guests get restless. Aim to have about 10-15 minutes to play the game, which is usually around 20 questions. 

If you’re stumped for questions, here are some of our favorites:

Who said “I love you” first?

Who asked for the first date?

Who was more nervous to meet the family?

Who hogs the bed the most?

Who is the better cook?

Who takes the longest to get ready?

Who is the messy one?

Who is the planner?

Who is most likely to leave an empty toilet paper roll?

Who is the pickier eater?

Who is the better driver?

Who hogs the remote?

Who spends more time on their phone?

Who has the better taste in music?

Who is funnier?

Who is more adventurous?

Who is the better dancer?

Who always has to be right?

Who is first to apologize?

Who are you excited to spend the rest of your life with?

Make it Your Own

If having to hold your partner’s shoe isn’t your forte — especially if they’ve been wearing it all day — you can absolutely change it up a bit. You can keep an extra set of shoes on hand and use them instead if you prefer. Or you can break away from shoes all together and make Mr. and Mrs. or bride and groom signs, or even cutouts of your faces on a popsicle stick. The options are endless, and can add a little uniqueness to the usual Wedding Shoe Game!