10 Flower Tips to Remember

Flowers are one of the most important visual elements of your wedding. Here are 10 tips to help you decide on the perfect floral design to compliment your big day.

  1. Prepare for Your Flower Consultation. Do your homework and take notice of flower types, colors, textures and styles. Bring pictures from the magazine to your meeting with your florist to make your ideas more clear. Communicate your loves and colors.
  2. Estimating and Budgeting. Budget and plan for your flowers. If you don’t know where to start, many resources suggest using eight to 10 percent of your wedding allotment.
  3. Use Fragrant Flowers. Add scented flowers to your bouquet. Years from now the scent will bring back memories. Some scented flowers to consider for wedding bouquets are: stephanotis, freesia, gardenia, phlox, and certain rose varieties.
  4. Go for Something Distinctive. Ask your florist to use their ideas to make your wedding flowers memorable and different. Add heirloom brooches, paper flower creations, buttons and more to create a bouquet unique to you!
  5. Consider the Time of Day. Daytime or outside events pop with vibrant color combinations, while evening or low light weddings are more luminous with white or pale flowers.
  6. Use Seasonal Flowers. Save money and order flowers that are in season. They will be fresh and wonderful for your big day!
  7. Space Transformations. Great florists can alter any ordinary space into something beautiful and stylish. Try elevated centerpieces (at least 3 feet off the table) for rooms with tall ceilings. Or decorating the aisles with arrangements at your ceremony venue.
  8. Be Seen. One to two large, dramatic flower arrangements will be more memorable than lots of small arrangements. Key areas for simple flowers would be where there is spot lighting, at entrances, and whenever you want to pull attention away from an unappealing area at your venue.
  9. Express Meaning with Flowers. Every flower has a meaning, which creates an extraordinary opportunity to tell your story with flowers. Add a favorite flower of a relative or special friend, your family, or fiancé for a special touch to the bouquet.
  10. Spread the Love. After your reception is over, give your centerpieces as gifts to special guests at your wedding or arrange to give them to a charity or nursing home. It will surely brighten someone’s day!