Wedding Cake Alternatives

Not really feeling the traditional tiered cake confection for your wedding reception? No worries, many brides are turning to a smorgasbord of creative options for their wedding dessert.

Does the thought of a multi-tiered cake with loads of frosting on top make you cringe? While most cakes these days aren't the heavy, overly frosted towers of sugar of the past, some couples still choose to forego a traditional cake. Luckily, there are lots of options these days, and really the sky is the limit. If you and your partner have a favorite dessert, this is the perfect chance to include it. Or do something completely different; nobody said you have to serve dessert at all! 

Baked Goods

Many of us still want dessert, but you can think outside the box and do something that is uniquely you. Here are some of our favorites:


These delectable little mini-cakes offer a mess-free alternative to a traditional tiered cake. Arranged on a tower or nestled together to create a pull-apart cake, they offer an easy way to feature a number of flavors and combinations in an easy to serve format.

Cake Pops

They're similar to cupcakes, but easier to eat and add a bit of whimsy in their bite-sized appearance. 

Dessert Buffet

Create a diverse collection of candies, cookies, or your mini desserts of choice and allow guests to pick and choose to their sweet tooth’s delight. For smaller items like candies or mints, offer cute monogrammed treat bags for guests to take home.

Assorted Pies

Always preferred pie to cake? Why not wow your guests with an assortment of pies in lieu of a cake? From cobblers to cream-filled crusts, the options are endless and sure to please everyone's palate.

Non-Traditional Desserts

Want something sweet, but not a cake or pie? Why not try ice cream, donuts, or rice krispy treats? Even better, if you have a favorite bakery in town, stop in and ask if they have any ideas. You might be surprised with what they come up with!

Ice Cream

A recent innovative addition to the wedding cake alternative options is an ice cream sundae bar. Guests can put their love of fro-yo to work by mixing and matching a variety of toppings and add-ins to create a chilled masterpiece.

Rice Krispy Treats

Making these easy treats and stacking small squares into towers is a great—and cost effective—way to treat your guests. Think outside the (cereal) box and use a variety of cereals to add an element of fun.

Donut Buffet

Who doesn’t love a hot donut dripping with a delicious glaze? Just like cookies, donuts offer a variety of flavor and decoration options, while giving your guests an indulgent treat that will have them licking their fingers in sweet satisfaction. This is a fun option for a morning or brunch wedding in place of other heavy desserts.

Waffle Bar

Much like the donut buffet, a waffle bar is a fun way to offer a sweet treat your guests can customize to their taste. Waffles are a great base for all kinds of toppings such as whipping cream, chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and any kind of fruit imaginable. If you're having a smaller affair, you could even offer a couple flavors of batter and waffle makers for your guests to truly make a treat of their own creation.

Other Unique Options

Still not finding quite the right dessert? Maybe you should consider something that isn't sweet. Here are a couple savory options you might try, or come up with something else entirely!

Cheese Cake

We’re not talking about the sweet combination of soft cheese, eggs and sugar—though that is another good idea. We're talking about a beautiful variety of select cheeses, from bleu to brie, the choices are endless. If you prefer savory over sweet, this unexpected cake option may be for you. Create a tiered cake made up of an assortment of cheese wheels, and pair it with crackers and fruit for an exquisite display.

Jerky Bar

This is a great option if you or your partner are hunters or smoke your own meat. Provide some different options, and either serve on platters or give guests goodie bags to take some home with them. 


Love a good slice? Why not serve up a multi-tiered pizza pie? You can still cut it like you would a normal cake to get those fun photos, but your guests will get a fun and unique treat. This is a great option for a casual or backyard wedding. 


Hear us out on this one, but pasta is a great option because it is moldable. Lasagna is an easy choice for something with layers that can be cut into a traditional cake shape, but you can also do a pasta bake of penne, or even fancy man and cheese! The sky is the limit, and who wouldn't love a good pasta classed up for your big day?