Tips for Choosing the Right Bridal Hairstyle

You have the dress and your accessories, now you need the perfect hair to complete the look. We asked one of our favorite stylists for tips on how to choose!

For every dress there is a hairstyle best suited for the necklines and other details. Kathryn Fischer, owner and stylist at Willow Salon and Spa, shares her opinions and suggestions after more than 10 years of styling hair for brides. “Details on dresses are so intricate and so beautiful,” Kathryn says. “When considering a hairstyle, brides should select one that shows off these details instead of hiding them.”

There are an unlimited number of ways to style your hair for a wedding, but all can be separated into three basic categories—updos, down, or half-up. According to Kathryn, most half-and-half styles are reserved for bridesmaids while the bride usually opts for an elegant updo or a casual style with loose curls.

“We are still doing a lot of loose romantic or bohemian style updos; however, the classic clean looks such as chignons are starting to make a reappearance,” Kathryn adds. She says that braids are still popular styles for brides as well.

If you have a dress with a lot of back detail or a low-cut back, you'll want to show it off. That being said, styling your hair down may not be the best way to go, and vice-versa. With dresses that have a more simple elegance, or if you have short hair try, wearing your hair down or in a side braid!

Another thing to consider is time of year. While anything goes, oftentimes you’ll see spring and summer brides with styles that are a little looser and more relaxed. In winter and fall, brides may opt for more classic, clean upstyles.

At the end of the day, Kathryn says, “It’s all about creating a look that shows the individual personality of the bride.” Make sure to discuss your vision with your stylist so you can work together and come up with something you'll love!

Pro tip: Ask your hair stylist if they will schedule a trial run before the week of the wedding. This way you can get a better idea if what you think you want is what will look best!