Choosing the Perfect Pair of Shoes

While the dress takes center stage, your shoes can be just as fun on your big day. Here are a few things to think about when choosing the perfect pair!

The star of your wedding day is undoubtedly the dress; you spend days flipping through magazines, hours trying on different styles, and many sleepless nights wondering if you made the right choice. However, your accessories are just as important—they tie the whole look together! One accessory that might not get the attention it deserves are your shoes; that is, unless you’re a shoe girl (guilty as charged). Even if you’re not, read on for some tips on making sure your feet are just as stylish as the rest of you on the big day!


No, this doesn’t mean you have to wear your grandma’s super comfy, properly supported but boring orthopedic slippers under your dress. Not that anyone would notice if you did. Hear us out though; most brides are the first to get ready to allow for more pictures. This is especially true if you’re doing a first look, or any bulk of pictures before the ceremony and reception. This means your poor feet have their work cut out for them, and that’s before you even walk down the aisle! You don’t want your memories of the most important part of the day marred by throbbing feet.

This doesn’t mean heels are out of the question, because that would just be crazy talk. If you have to have those sky-high heels, here’s a couple tricks to break them in:

  •  Wear them around the house. This doesn’t mean put them on and watch Netflix, either. Wearing them while you vacuum is a great time to break them in, and also practice walking backwards–hellooooo dance floor!
  • Wear them with socks at first. This will help stretch them out a bit and prevent blisters. Just make sure the socks aren’t too thick or you might stretch them out to where they don’t fit anymore.
  • Use a hair dryer. The heat can help soften material a bit; just be careful not to use too much heat, as it can damage some materials. Start with just short blasts, then gently twist or bend the shoe to loosen it a tad. 
  • Stuff your shoes when not being worn. If you have shoe trees, great! If you’re not that adult—like most of us—keep the original packaging, or use socks, tissue paper, whatever you have on hand. This keeps the shoe from shrinking back to its original shape and making all your efforts in vain.  
  • Add extra padding or sole inserts if they don’t quite support your feet where they should. There are many options out there; your local bridal store can help you find something that adds support without being seen.


While this also applies to the dress, the venue is perhaps more important when considering shoes. Planning an outdoor summer wedding? Heels are a great way to aerate the lawn, but maybe not the best for a graceful walk down a grassy aisle. Either learn to walk on your toes, or consider something flatter, like a wedge or even a fun sneaker. Getting hitched in a dance hall with a slick, glossy floor? Pick shoes that have a decent tread on them, or add some traction by scuffing them ahead of time with sandpaper or a nail file.

Also think about the time of year. A winter wedding might require something warm if you’re outside at all, or at least a change for the walk out to your getaway car. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy that pair of super fluffy Uggs you’d otherwise never splurge on. Likewise, a spring wedding in rainy areas might destroy a delicate, lacy ballet flat. 


For most of the day, nobody will see your shoes if you wear a floor length dress. This makes it even more fun to buy a pair that’s brightly colored—when they are seen, they’ll be unexpected! This is a great chance to coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses or the groom’s tie for some added pizzazz. If you keep to traditions, this is also the perfect opportunity to buy blue shoes for your “something blue.” 

Unlike the dress, which you will (sadly) probably never wear again, your shoes most certainly can be. Consider adding a little more into your budget for a nice pair. Not only will your feet probably thank you, they’ll last a long time. You can wear them every year for your anniversary as an extra way to remember your big day. Treat yourself, because as they say, life is short—buy the shoes!