Timeless Decor & Favorite Trends

From start to finish, decorating for your wedding is something you want to be unique and tasteful. We sat down with Timeless Wedding and Event Rentals to talk about their favorite trends in décor.

A lot of decoration is venue-dependent. Some venues might allow you to hang lights from the ceiling or supply chairs and tables, but these services aren’t offered everywhere. Be very open from the start with your venues and vendors about what you want so you aren’t disappointed later on.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

In a traditional reception, the decorations might be considered a little more “basic.” The couple might opt for a simpler place setting or design. There’s going to be a single head table for the bride, groom, and wedding party, and the ceremony will be lengthier. Most traditional ceremonies are the typical church weddings with very elaborate details.

A unique non-traditional approach that is becoming trendier involves sweetheart tables. The ceremony itself might be a little shorter and more intimate. In terms of colors and themes, contrast is huge right now. Couples have started to intertwine more texture and brighter contrasting colors.

What’s Trending?

Specifically, here in the Black Hills, something that will always trend is the natural look. Wood cookies for centerpieces, wood chairs and tables, the classy rustic look is where it is at. Couples have started to stray from the rustic barn look and turn to a more woodsy or outdoorsy scene. “With that theme, we see more greenery in centerpieces and décor,” Mirissa says.

Another trendy décor item is a backdrop. Typically placed behind the sweetheart or head table, it gives the couple a little pop and pulls more focus in their direction.

Where to Put the Money and Effort

It can be hard to make a decision on where to focus your time and budget. Depending on your style and ceremony, décor varies. “If you are going to have a lengthy ritualistic ceremony, you might want to have more,” suggests Miranda. “Whereas a couple with a quick basic ceremony, just the exchange of vows and rings, might focus more on the reception.”

The first thing to remember is that items are reusable. Consider using the bridal bouquets as your centerpiece on the head table or elaborate floral pieces used at the ceremony around the sweetheart table.

Another thing to consider is that the reception is where you will be spending the most time. Whether it’s for centerpieces, elaborate dinner place settings, or beautifully elegant backdrops, most couples choose to put more of their budget and time into the décor at the reception rather than the ceremony.

Before decorating a church, keep in mind that Pinterest sometimes gives us expectations that can’t always be met when it comes to decorating for our own weddings. You may see a photo of aisle decorations in the church that you fall in love with, but many churches don’t allow décor or special altars. Be sure to speak with your officiant or priest before you plan on any decorations for the ceremony.

DIY or Hire?

A lot of brides on a budget like to design and decorate with the wedding party or immediate family members. The best part of DIY is the cost. You don’t have to worry about paying someone to decorate and there are tons of simple décor you can create yourself without having to pay full price.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to rent decorations or equipment. After the wedding is done, the biggest challenge you will face is what to do with all of the stuff you’ve made. Hiring eliminates the hassle after the wedding. It prevents using parents and guests in the set-up if you don’t hire.

Overall, brides should consider the following three things:

  1. Fit the design with your personality - really make it your own
  2. Be aware of the time and money involved.
  3. Consider requirements for set-up and tear down!

Mirissa suggests, “Don’t repeat or regurgitate what you see online; try to create your own unique style.” Take a common theme that you love and make it your own. Throw in some personal touches! If you are interested in hunting, aviation, or motorcycles, find a way to incorporate these in your wedding. Mirissa and Miranda have seen it all. One couple took a Harley-Davidson lamp and turned it into their guestbook by simply asking all of their guests to sign.

If you are struggling with your design, Timeless Wedding and Event Rentals offers more than just set-up and tear-down services. They will help design and plan your décor to alleviate stress for your family, friends, and self.

written by sarah richards