Creating a Food Wall at Your Wedding

More and more, we are starting to see couples get creative with their food at receptions. Many modern brides are choosing to have food walls at the reception.

Let’s face it, food is one of the best parts of the wedding for your guests. Whether you’re choosing to have a buffet or served dinner, dessert and appetizers can stand alone, so why not incorporate something to jazz it up a bit!?

What is a food wall exactly? We’re glad you asked! It is pretty self-explanatory; a lot of the time it is placed in the dessert area and has hooks or a rack/shelving system for food items like giant pretzels, donuts, etc. But really you can put whatever kind of food up you want!

If you’re doing a dessert bar, creating a food wall can be a fun way to show guests the options they have. Rather than hooks, build or buy a shelving unit and spruce it up with some of your florals, white lights, or garland. Then display the variety of sweets for guests to ogle. It’s a great way to show off the designs your baker may have added to fit your theme too!

Are you taking an hour between the ceremony and reception for photos? Provide an alternative to hors d'oeuvres during the cocktail hour by including a pretzel wall with an assortment of fun dips, bacon-wrapped snack-sized bites, or switch it up and create a wall display of your beverages. This isn’t very common so it would be a great way to make your wedding unique and memorable.

Before planning your food wall fun, here are a few things to consider.

• Does your venue have enough suitable space for your decor, seating, dancing, and a food wall?

• Will your food wall require help from the catering staff or will you have a designated person who keeps filling it?

• Can you set it up the night before at the rehearsal dinner or does it require same-day assembly?

photos from Martha Stewart Weddings: Find Inspo here