Bridal Shower Games

A cause to celebrate, bridal showers are a great time to break out creative games to keep everyone entertained yet focused on celebrating the upcoming nuptials.

This list of bridal shower games is great for all ages! Consider getting small prizes as gifts for the winners of each game for more incentive to participate whole-heartedly.

Cold Feet

Place the same number of toy rings or wedding-related items inside buckets or bowls and fill them up with ice water. This game is great to do outdoors on a warm, sunny afternoon! Have each guest compete against each other as they plunge their feet into the icy water and pull the items out with their toes, and see who can get all the items out the quickest.

He Said, She Said

Create your own or purchase and hand out "He Said, She Said" cards to each guest. Watch as guests try to guess fun facts about the couple like, “Who said, ‘I love you’ first?” and “Who spends more money?”

Musical Bouquet

Musical chairs meets hot potato, wedding edition. Sit in a circle and pass around a mock bouquet to wedding songs. When the music stops, whoever is still holding is out. The last woman remaining, wins!

Pin the Veil

Think “pin the tail on the donkey,” but the wedding version. Play it with both the groom and the bride; grab some tulle for pinning the veil on a photo or illustration of the bride and a fake mustache or tie to pin on the groom.

Put a Ring on It

At the start of the shower, give each guest a plastic/toy ring to wear. This is one of those fun bridal shower games that you'll play all party long. Read the rules aloud so everyone understands the game. Each time a guest says “bride” or “wedding,” the person who hears you can steal your ring. The guest with the most rings by the end of the event wins the game.

Wedding Catchphrase

Guests will need to think quickly on their feet as they try to get through as many wedding words or phrases as possible before time runs out. Split the guests into two teams, and sit in a circle alternating team members. The team with the most words at the end of time (try two-three minutes), wins. Before the shower, download, print and cut out the wedding catchphrase cards. You can also make your own!

Wedding Ring Toss

Who doesn’t love a classic yard game? Jazz up the original by using cute bottles or vases as stands and decorate the rings to fit the wedding theme.

Whose Memory?

Every guest has a treasured memory with the bride. Whether it’s sharing a dorm in college, growing up as childhood BFFs or neighbors, etc., have everyone write down their favorite memory between themselves and the bride. Mix up the memories and take turns guessing which guest shared that memory as they’re read aloud.