Bonding with the Whole Wedding Party

Although you’ve known your bridesmaids for a while, whether they were elementary school friends or college roommates, your significant other and their wedding crew might not be as familiar with the ladies in your life.

Food & Drink

We’ve all heard that “the way to a man's heart is through his stomach,” and who doesn’t love to eat? Gather everybody together on several occasions before the big day for potlucks, dinner, and a movie, or even coffee or beer. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, and you don’t even have to go out. Switch between hosting at each other’s places, and opt for a backyard movie (just use a projector on a white sheet or building) and barbecue.

Game Night

Nothing is better than an old-fashioned game night. Personalities will come out full swing as the games get a little more competitive! From charades and Catch Phrase to traditional board games, you’ll bond in no time.

Get Creative

There’s no shortage of creative ideas you can put together for spending time as a whole wedding party. Start at home with a little bit of wedding prep, for instance. After you’ve been talking for a while, try your luck at axe throwing, bowling, or one of the Black Hills Escape Rooms! These activities will keep the communication open and bonding strong. You can also plan for a day out hiking in the Hills or at one of the lakes!

Pro-tip: If members of the wedding party don’t live in town, try to plan for a day together the week of the wedding.