Bite Sized: Something Small for Guests

While your guests are waiting for the newlyweds and the rest of the wedding party, here are a few appetizer ideas for a bite-sized menu, finger foods, or hors d'oeuvres that will keep your guests occupied


Fruit, meat, cheese, or mix it up! Skewers are a great way to keep your guests’ fingers clean and stomachs full. It isn’t too hard to make it look classier either. Instead of setting them out on platters, get a brick of wood that you can paint or stain to fit your theme, and drill holes large enough to hold the sticks! Mix any berries or try a caprese and basil combination.


Small but mighty, flatbread is extremely versatile. Serve your favorite flavor combo or opt for a variety that will be a hit with your guests.

Stuffed Mushrooms or Peppers

A burst of flavor in one perfect savory bite. Stuff a small button mushroom or baby pepper to leave guests wanting more.


Who doesn’t love a little bacon? An all-American favorite, you can never go wrong with wrapping small bites in bacon! Check out these 50 combinations of bacon-wrapped items.


Marinated or fresh from the ocean, shrimp is a huge hit during many cocktail hours. Just be sure to have a substitute or alternative option for guests who might be allergic to shellfish! To serve shrimp easily, just stab a toothpick through each piece! This also allows for a quick clean dipping method if there’s any cocktail sauce involved.


Pro tip: When you send out RSVPs leave a line for dietary restrictions so you can plan ahead accordingly.


If you're looking for something that will fit your theme a little better there are plenty of choices out there. Like this beach-themed appetizer dish...or try out a mini taco! They’re perfect if you’re having a taco or nacho bar for the evening.

Of course if you’re going to have appetizers, don’t forget about drinks! If you’re furnishing the alcohol, you may want to have a limited supply set aside specifically for the hours in between the ceremony and reception, or think about hiring a local provider for an open bar set-up.

To read more about calculating the quantity of food for your guests, check out our previous article here.