5 Simple Steps to Choosing Your Colors

You know your favorite color so that’s what you’re going to choose. Sometimes that works out, but there is a lot more that goes into choosing your wedding colors. Here are 5 steps to make the process a breeze.

1. Set the mood

When is your wedding taking place? Seasons are a great place to start for your wedding colors. They already have a pallet that can be the base of your creation. BUT don’t be trapped in a box. Just because your wedding is in the fall does not constrain your choice to jewel tones and neutrals. Have some fun! Play with patterns and textures and let your personality really shine through.

Venue is also an important piece to setting the mood. Know what you can do through décor and how it will compliment the space. If your space has red carpet, it may not be the best idea to have your bridesmaids’ dresses clashing.

2. Work together

Yes, working together is making sure that your fiancé has a say in the choices. But it also means that the colors you choose work with attire choices. When you choose your bold color, ask yourself if it will look good as a dress. Will it be attractive ON someone?

After you decide the statement color, choose a neutral to accompany it. These will be used as the men’s attire. [Grey, Black, Khaki, etc.] Unless you want your guys wearing a blue sports jacket – that’s great! We want to see those photos!

3. It’s in the details

Maybe you don’t want the bridesmaids’ dresses to be a color – maybe they will be neutral, too. There are so many options to adding pops of colors through the details. Flowers are awesome accessories. Table décor and the touches to your cake are great ways to add color, as well.

4. Do your research

Besides knowing the season, it’s a great idea to look at a color wheel or check out the array of inspiration sites that offer color combinations. It helps to see the colors up front rather than imagining what they would look like together.

If you are a trends bride, checking out what’s in style doesn’t hurt either. Pastels, plum, sparkle, red? It really lies in what you think fits your personality as a couple.

5. Don’t over think it

Keep it simple. If your favorite color is purple, then go for it! There’s not a right or wrong answer for your wedding. You’re the one getting married afterall. Try to keep the color options to 3 or 4 – and get creative.

These 5 simple steps to choosing your colors will help you when you have hiccups. Think through what you’d like the day to look like, how you would like the day to feel, and the setting you’ll be at. But most of all, be happy. Choose a color combination that will make you smile every time you look at the photos on display.