Jackie and Nate Derksen Wedding Photo

Jackie and Nate Derksen Wedding Story

Wedding Theme

Bohemian, DIY, Natural, Rustic

The Day We Said Yes

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

Our Love Story

The day was a typical Black Hills Day, snow 2 days before but incredibly hot and sunny on our wedding. All the worries about rain for in vain…as soon as the photos were done and we got inside, it rained. Not a minute before! The ceremony was at Jorgenson Park and the reception was at Bella Luce (event room at Steerfish Restaurant). Natural Escapes did the  stunning photography. I would encourage every bride to do a bridal shoot in her dress after the honeymoon. It eases your mind with not being rushed for couples photos on the big day. We were able to take time hiking the Black Hills and taking photos with no rush.

How We Met

We met through our Crossfit gym, CrowPeak Crossfit. He was a coach at a Rapid City Crossfit but started coaching at my gym after he noticed me at a local competition. I was too shy to say hi at first! He was my first and last boyfriend 😊

Planning Our Day

It was a ton of DIY - my friends and family were  my dream team! We had 3 months to plan!

Wedding Hint

Get everything in writing/contract before you say yes! We had a few unexpected expenses with our reception venue. In the end, they were great and it turned out lovely but if you have a tight budget get everything in writing first! As mentioned, do a bridal shoot after the wedding! Then you can relax the wedding day. Lastly, don't stress!!! What is meant to be will be. You will still have the love of your life by your side no matter what other details don't go according to planned. Stress steals joy!