Brooke Passolt and Zach Wuebben Engagement Announcement

Brooke Passolt, daughter of Ginger & Russ of Sturgis & Eagle Butte, has become engaged to Zach Wuebben, son of Marsha & Duane of Hartington NE.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020


What I thought was a weekend of snowmobiling and snocross races with friends and family turned into an engagement! Zach pulled off the trail to a hill him and his buddy Nate found a few weeks back. We parked the sleds and watched Nate climb the hill. Once he came back down the hill we were all parked and chatting when Zach told me a lug was missing from my snowmobile track. When we was down digging under my sled he pulled out a ring box from under my sled and popped the question. I of course said yes!

How They Met

We first met while I was with my best friend Breezy at a hotel her family was staying at. We were all just sitting around the room talking when Zach and their other cousin Garrett came in the room. Zach caught my attention quickly and we all just hung out for the night! The next day Breezy and I had graduation and after that our parties. That night Breezy, our friend Heidi and I had a cabin rented. We decided to invite Zach and Garrett to come with us too! It was a great night full of friendship and laughter!