Victoria and Taran Tucker Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Sunday, May 26, 2019

Victoria and Taran really wanted an outdoor wedding because they felt it would resonate the most with them. However, this being the Black Hills, the weather didn't cooperate, so they ended up having the ceremony indoors, at Sylvan Lake Lodge. Victoria says it ended up making no difference whether they were married indoors or out, because it turned out amazing.

Wedding Team

How We Met

The couple met in 2012, when Victoria was a freshman and Taran a sophomore. On Halloween night, she introduced herself via a text message. After talking on and off for about a month, they went on their first date, driving around town and talking for hours. They quickly learned they had a lot in common, especially their tastes in music. About one year later, they officially started dating.

Hint for Brides

I think the best advice I was given was from a girlfriend of mine who had just previously had a spectacular wedding: your wedding day will end up going by so fast. On the day of, don't stress over the little things and try to take in every moment.