Tiffany and Luke Eisenbraun Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 13, 2013

The first time we saw each other. It was emotional and happy and a moment I will never forget.

Wedding Team

How We Met

Luke and I are both from Rapid City. I went to Central and he went to Stevens. During high school we worked right across the street from each other, but it was not until we both moved 400 miles away to go to school at SDSU did we meet.

Planning for Our Day

The whole wedding was based on the bridal flowers I wanted. I had the tie-dyed purple and turquoise orchids. We splurged on the cake. We had the most amazing cupcakes from Piece of Cake.

Hint for Brides

The best tip I could share is to not worry about the things that could go wrong, and if something will go wrong don't stress over it. Stress will only cause you to not enjoy your day. Also make sure you get some special one-on-one time with your groom on your wedding day.