Sydney and Caleb Stanley Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, September 9, 2016

Out of the 29 hot days in September, our wedding worked out to be on the only bitterly cold day. A high of 54. Our wedding ceremony was at The Game Lodge at 6:45pm because we wanted to have a sunset wedding. Due to the cold, many of our family and friends offered to let us borrow blankets to help keep our guests warm. At our reception (also outside in the Pavilion) we had the fire place, the fire pit and space heaters going all night. Besides the cold, our guests all noted how fun the party was and how the cold seemed to only make people want to dance and mingle more.

Wedding Team

Planning for Our Day

While most of the planning was completed by me (Sydney) I always asked for Caleb's opinion before I made any final decisions. He was always a good sport and knew how to play along with my sometimes outlandish ideas. We had 9 months to plan (this is just a coincidence, in-case anyone was wondering) and it seemed to be the perfect length of time. Not to long, not too short. Having been around the wedding industry most of my life, I had a good idea of the vendors I wanted to use, the plans that worked best, as well as the plans that seemed to cause stress.

Hint for Brides

First, talk to your family about a budget. If you don't have a budget from both sides planning will be a lot more difficult.

Second, goes with the first, figure out what each side of the family would like to help cover and also what you will need to cover yourself. Having to include your own funds in the payments of the wedding will make you pay a lot more attention to what you are being charged, what items you really need, and what you can leave out.

Third, stay organized. I used One Note by Microsoft and created many different tabs and pages for each idea, budget, time frame, and meeting I had.

Fourth, don't be a bridezilla. Be loving and caring to everyone involved; your parents, your bridal party, your vendors and your significant other! <3