Stephanie and Cody Gesink Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Wedding Team

How We Met

In high school, I went to pick-up my brother from a friend's house. That's where I met my future husband! Cody was living there with a few friends and we chatted some, but nothing ever came from it. Fast forward four years later, & he asks my sister to set us up on a date. ... I still don't remember him from this party, but I thank the Lord everyday that he remembered me.

Planning for Our Day

Cody and I knew that we wanted a small intimate wedding, and The Black Hills was the perfect place for us. We've done everything from snowmobiling, camping, car shows, four-wheeling, to sight seeing. It doesn't matter the season, this is our favorite spot in the world. After we picked Spearfish Canyon Lodge, the rest was easy.

Hint for Brides

Keep it easy. Wedding planning is stressful. Just remember that this is yours and your fiancé's day. Stick together and compromise with the one you love. Your day will come sooner than you think, and at that point all you can do is smile and enjoy all of your hard work.