Sherri and Michael Hamers Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 2, 2016

Myself and my bridal party started our day at Mystique Edge Salon. The ladies at the salon were amazing. Chris from Legendary limousine picked us up and took us to our venue which was Black Hills Reception and Rentals. Our guests arrived in limos from the hotel we booked, and the limos returned guests at the end of the night. We had our ceremony at 4:00pm and dinner/reception started at 5. It was a fairy tale day and I know all brides say that, but it truly was. Our vendors put on an amazing day, and went above and beyond for us. At one point the Dj had everyone on the dance floor. I remember thinking "is this really my wedding" it was that perfect. I can honestly say that day went off smooth and there was not one issue or did myself, wedding party, or family have to lift a finger that day. I remember thinking I was almost too relaxed that day until the first look came. Everything was romantic and elegant. My husband and I took off for a few minutes during our reception and found a quite spot at our venue and sat there. We had no photographers with us it was probably one of my most favorite moments of that day. We were married at that time and we were able to take in that evening together. It was very special. My husband and I left that night with huge smiles on our faces and so did our guests.

Wedding Team

How We Met

We met in Williston, ND. I was friends with Michael's sisters, and his family and mine were intertwined. Michael has a huge family and so do I. Everyone knew someone in the family, however him and I never met once. Michael is a Veteran and was deployed three times, moved and came back to Williston before we actually met. His oldest sister Mikayla set us up on a blind date. It was in the middle of winter and he picked me up in his sports car which I thought was silly for winter but we hit it off right away.

Planning for Our Day

We planned for a year for our wedding. It was a lot of fun. Our wedding planners made the planning pretty easy. They took care of a lot of it and besides a few phone calls here and there I didn't have to do much but make decisions.

Hint for Brides

I would say take in moments of that day and truly take it in. Stop and look at the beautiful day that you planned and waited for. Take a moment with your husband and have 5 minutes of private time with no cameras or anyone and enjoy that moment together.