Sara and Andrew Rossow Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, September 24, 2016

The weather was sunny with a crisp fall breeze. Every decoration I'd spent months acquiring was hung in its proper place. My bridesmaids looked stunning - his groomsmen, dashing. From our first look, to saying "I do", the whole day was a blur of love and excitement.

Wedding Team

How We Met

We were freshman in college when we met. We had a few classes in common and were paired together for an English assignment. We used that assignment as an excuse to talk to each other and continued to keep it up after we got our grade.

Planning for Our Day

I took a month off from work and traveling to finish wedding planning, giving me plenty of time to get the details right.

Hint for Brides

Don't stress the little things! The ribbon on my girls flower bouquets were the wrong color, my Dad lost his tie, the beading on my dress came unraveled (Thank God for a sewing Mom) and we didn't have utensils to cut our wedding cake. Our day still turned out to be perfect because none of those small details kept us from becoming husband and wife!