Ryan and Greg Gutknecht Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, September 15, 2012

Being announced Huband and Wife!!

How We Met

Our love story is that of second chances, as we both previously came from broken marriages. I was a single mother of two and Greg, a rancher - both too busy to think of love or even where to find it. With encouragement from friends, we both searched on match.com. When I first saw Greg's picture, I instantly smiled. I couldn't stop thinking how much I wanted to meet this man. So I 'winked' at him. After two weeks past without a reply, I finally recieve the sweetest message back, as he decided to check his match.com profile one last time before giving up. That one last look was a move by God, as it forever changed our life course. When Greg came over for our first date a week later, there was only a few seconds of nervousness. With a warm smile and sparkle in his deep blue eyes, Greg embraced my face with his huge hands and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. It was at that moment that we both knew we never wanted to have our lives without the other. It was that kind of undeniable touch where two soul mates finally meet, already knowing a lifetime of unconditional love can finally begin. Never did either of us think that love would find us after both experiencing simu

Planning for Our Day

Country elegance was our theme as we are both county folks. I splurged on my wedding dress! It was my dream dress that fit like a glove on the first try!

Hint for Brides

Breath, smile and laugh often. Your wedding day goes by too quickly and is gone before you know it. Cherish each second on your special day and don't be afraid to delegate help to make sure you can enjoy the day!