Ronalda and Sean Mowell Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, May 27, 2016

Our event took place in Spearfish City Park. We had a Boho/ Rustic themed wedding. We had around 150 guests and close friends and couldn't have been happier to see everyone for our special day. We were so happy with how everything turned out and forever grateful for our amazing vendors for pulling it off!

Wedding Team

How We Met

Sean and I met in San Francisco 5 years ago and started dating online for a year since I was living back home then in my small town in Doha in Qatar. After a year I moved in to live with Sean and we lived in California for a year. We then moved to his hometown of spearfish which is how we ended up here.

Planning for Our Day

Sean came with me to every single bridal fair I dragged him too and he was surprisingly supportive snd had a huge hand in planning the whole wedding with me. We figured everything out together and never once did he leave me to do anything on my own. He even helped me mail invites and write thank you cards.

Hint for Brides

Cheaper is not always better. When in doub, even if it's a more pricey option, choose a vendor you're more comfortable with.