Morgan and Michael Doerr Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mike: "Being able to marry the girl of my dreams, in front of my family and friends. After all the celebration, taking off my dress shoes never felt so good!"

Morgan: "Do I have to pick just one? If so, my favorite part of the day was marrying the best man a woman could ever ask for, and seeing all of the people who love and support us there to celebrate this special day."

Wedding Team

How We Met

In 2011, Mike, our son Regen, and I moved to the suburbs of Chicago, IL in the pursuit of educational opportunities. I immediately fell in love with Chicago. Downtown Chicago, particularly the "Magnificent Mile" is a sight to see year round, but particularly beautiful around Christmas time. On December 17, 2011, our family headed downtown for Christmas shopping. Mike had arranged to drop our son off at his sisters so that we could do some shopping together. As the 17th also happens to be my birthday, I was quite certain Mike had something up his sleeve for the day. After strolling around downtown for a few hours, just after nightfall, we found ourselves in a small park just off Michigan Avenue. While we sat in the park, in what I thought to be a much needed break from the crowds, we watched shoppers hurry by toting armfuls of gift bags as the lights twinkled in crisp winter air. Mike started asking questions like, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where are we living? Mike and I have these conversations every so often so I didn't suspect a thing. Then Mike said that no matter what he predicts for the future, I am always there right beside him and he couldn't imagine

Planning for Our Day

Our theme was simple elegance with touches of the Black Hills. Our wedding decorator was awesome. Her husband cut slabs of birch and pine trees that she then used in combination with Mason jars, burlap, and artificial flowers. We stuck to our budget as closely as we could, however, one thing we did decide to splurge on was uplighting done by Mike Malone, Tiki Man Entertainment. It was totally worth it. It really set the mood and pulled everything together.

Hint for Brides

Planning a wedding 900 miles away was a bit challenging, but having tools like Pinterest and Facetime really helped out a lot. If my mom and Marie had any questions or wanted my opinion on something they would just Facetime me. Having Pinterest helped me share my ideas with Marie, plus she could look at it whenever she wanted. Aside from deciding which bouquet I liked, Marie and my mom are really the ones responsible for the decor. I really just trusted them both, and it paid off in the end. Everything was beautiful! It was also nice to be surprised.