Megan and Keaton Cummings Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, September 1, 2012

My favorite moment was walking out of the church as our friends and family cheered and jumping into our "something blue," a baby blue 1961 Chevy Impala owned by my Great Aunt and Uncle and driven by my cousin. As we drove from the church to the Game Lodge, people in cars were taking our picture and shouting, “kiss, kiss, kiss!” Keaton and I couldn’t stop saying, “we did it!” And of course kissing ensued, lots and lots of kissing!

Wedding Team

How We Met

Keaton and I met during their freshman year of high school in the Fall of 1999. Their first date was of course a school sanctioned event that was parent approved volleyball game. Keaton came to pick up me up in a giant car he borrowed from his brother. It was a neon orange blazer with huge tires and a giant lift kit. The only thing it didn't have was a step so I could actually get in. It would have been a chick magnet, if only the chicks were 8 feet tall! Neither of us remembers who won the volleyball game, but we were both smitten with each other. However, we remained simply friends. I was in no hurry to start a relationship since I couldn't imagine my first kiss with a mouth full of braces. At a friend's birthday party Keaton learned firsthand the discomfort that braces can cause during a game of hide and seek........ in the dark. As our friends scattered I suddenly ran head first into something hard and fuzzy. And worse yet, it was stuck to my braces! As I struggled to get free I realized that my braces were stuck to a sock and it belonged to none other than Keaton. Thank goodness the lights were off! Somehow, I escaped the sock without Keaton ever knowing that it was me.

Planning for Our Day

Keaton and I wanted to make sure that our special day was not just a celebration of us, but a celebration of our families and friends. We wanted our style to be classic and not trendy while still keeping in mind the laid back atmosphere of the beautiful Black Hills as our backdrop. I wanted to evoke the same sophistication that my Grandmother’s did on their wedding days, this is reflected in my wedding dress. We also wanted our day to have the feel of a small town party where all of our guests are family because they have know you since the day you were born. The important theme was making our guests experience the nostalgia of the State Game Lodge and not feel like guests, but family. That being said, we splurged on the menu and of course an open bar all night long. Keaton and I wanted our guests to know how much we appreciated not only their presence on our special day, but throughout our lives. We made sure they had amazing food, great entertainment, and of course a cold drink in hand. We also wanted to pay homage to a very important family member that was absent on our day, my father who was killed in a car accident eight years ago. But it was a delicate task to celebrate his life without making our day a memorial. We wanted to be mindful that the day was a celebration of what we have and not of who was so obviously missing. During the ceremony a family member sang "I will be here,” the same solo sung at my parents wedding in 1980. I carried a special brooch in my bouquet in remembrance of my father as well as my paternal grandmother's wedding prayer book. My grandfather gave me away and my godfather danced the father daughter dance with me on behalf of my father. Our wedding cake was made by the same baker who made my parent's wedding cake 32 years ago. There were subtle hints of my Dad throughout the day. These gestures helped to remind Keaton and me that my father was with us and smiling down on us. I truly believe that every girl is born a princess and your wedding day should make you feel like a queen. The day was beyond magical and even though we had over 300 guests, I only saw one person in the crowd, my amazing husband Keaton. There is only one aspect that a bride can’t plan or be prepared for, the overwhelming joy you feel when you see your future ahead of you at the end of the aisle. I will never forget the peace and happiness I felt when I saw Keaton for the first time on our wedding day.

Hint for Brides

Never lose sight of the end goal of your wedding planning….you are marrying the man of your dreams! Nobody really remembers the little details that you are more than likely stressing about, so go easy on the mini bridezilla moments. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you and of course ask your groom for some input, his ideas may pleasantly surprise you!