Julia and Mason Grimshaw Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Friday, July 15, 2016

Our wedding day was truly the best day ever thanks to the love, support, prayers, and friendship of our 250+ guests. Our family and friends were involved every step of the way which added to the beauty of the day. We were married at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Our reception was at the Dahl Fine Arts Center. Working with the Dahl was incredible- they were always on-top of everything, and they went above and beyond to meet our needs! The Gyro Hub catered, and I have never received so many compliments on food before. Family and friends worked overtime for us- from decorations to arranging flowers to the cake! After going to the Black Hills Bridal Show in January, we met Cody from Colt 45. We instantly liked Cody, and we are so happy we followed our intuition and asked him to DJ. The dance-floor was never empty, and he put on the best dance I've ever been to (that's my honest, unbiased opinion)- most talented DJ I've ever met!

Wedding Team

How We Met

Mason and I became friends in the eighth grade, and we started dating our sophomore year of high school. His humor and strong faith perpetuated the best friendship I've ever had. After four years of dating, Mason proposed to me December 30, 2015! I am so proud to be married to the most kindhearted, intelligent man I know.

Planning for Our Day

We wanted to have a large wedding without the large pricetag. We spent months shopping around for the best deals- from food to venue to flowers! It was worth it. We had an awesome dance (thanks to Cody from Colt 45!!!), and we had delicious food for 250+ people (thanks to Gyro Hub- yes, they cater!).

Hint for Brides

Having a beautiful wedding does not have to be as chaotic and expensive as the industry has made it to become, and we were proud to find creative, beautiful solutions for less! From thrift-shopping to borrowing to really using family and friend's talents (cake make by family friend who loves to bake!), we had the picture perfect day. By focusing less on the day and more on our upcoming marriage, we felt we were better able to enjoy every moment of the day more because we had put less pressure on ourselves.