Jessica and Carl Collison Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, June 21, 2014

The mother-son dance was the funniest part of the day. Carl and his mom danced to “Your Mama Don’t Dance” by Kenny Loggins. It was so entertaining to watch, and then the guests were invited to join in. It was really a great start to the dance!

Wedding Team

How We Met

Carl and I met in college at the University of South Dakota.

How he proposed: On Christmas Day 2012, the couple opened their gifts with Jessica's family then Carl said he had one gift left; he got down on his knee and asked>

Planning for Our Day

We knew we wanted to be out doors but did not want our guests to have to drive from place to place so Black Hills Receptions was perfect because the ceremony and reception could all be at the same location. We also did not want to stress over decorating. The staff at Black Hills Receptions was very accommodating and we knew they would take care of all of the details which made the choice simple for us.

We chose to keep it eloquently simple. We used plum purple with silver accents. The centerpieces were beautiful glass tumblers with candles and different shades of purple accents. The staff from Black Hills Receptions knew to use different heights on each table to draw the guest’s eyes around the entire room. It was beautiful!