Courtney and Brian Johnson Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, October 29, 2016

Brian and I both currently live in Lincoln, Nebraska so the majority of our family and friends attended our special day from out of town. We of course picked a day on an "away" Husker football game day. Our faith is so important to Brian and I and was instrumental in how we met, so we knew we would get married in the church I grew up in, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. Our "rustic chic" theme was perfectly suited at Black Hills Receptions. The day was a blur (in a good way) and it was everything we had imagined and then some. We were so humbled by all the love from our friends and family. Guests came in from Colorado, Nebraska, Florida, Texas, Virginia, and even Japan! It was most definitely a day neither of us will ever forget.

Wedding Team

How We Met

I met Courtney at a Catholic young adult group event the summer after I came back to Nebraska after being a FOCUS campus missionary for 2 years in Auburn, AL. I was excited to see people that I knew but hadn't seen in awhile and to meet new friends as well. After the event I joined a few people and went to a small bar to continue conversation. Courtney was among the group. I didn't get a chance to really talk to her at the Frassati event so it was nice have the opportunity. There I learned she loved to travel. I talked about my upcoming mission trip to Russia which I was co-leading. Although, she had traveled waaaay more than I ever had we, shared that in common. As we left, I thought about how attractive she was and entertained the idea of maybe pursuing a relationship with her. However, it would be another year before the opportunity presented itself. We saw each other a few times during the upcoming year but it wasn't until Fall (2014) where I really wanted to asker her out. After a few dates and gaining enough courage, I asked her to by my girlfriend and somehow got her to say "yes".

Hint for Brides

Don't be afraid to delegate! Your friends and family are there to help you, let them. Also, just don't sweat the small things the week of the wedding. At that point, the planning is done, everything is ready to go, so enjoy the special time with all of your loved ones and take in every moment. Big and small. The day will be over before you know it!