Channing and Paul Stellato Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wedding Team

How We Met

I had just moved to Omaha, NE after graduating college at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. My friends had taken me to my first Husker football tailgate, which is where I first met Paul. About 5 weeks later I went tailgating with some friends and in a sea of 96,000 plus Husker fans Paul and I's paths crossed again. It was at this game, against Ohio State, that Paul asked me for my phone number and Nebraska sealed a victory! Since then Paul and I have celebrated "3" anniversaries and the Huskers sadly have YET to run victoriously over Ohio State. I say yet... #GBR #Frost2018

Planning for Our Day

Paul and I planned our Black Hills wedding while living in Lincoln, NE. It wouldn't have been possible without my family back home in South Dakota helping us and all the great staff at Terra Sancta Retreat Center. They helped us with table rentals and setting up for the big day, along with all the catering. It was nice to be able to have the ceremony, the reception, and rooms all in one spot for our out-of-town guests and family.

Hint for Brides

Our priest told us a great joke "If you want to make God laugh, make a plan." In context he was not referring to planning a wedding, but it works. Nothing ever goes 100% to plan and that is wonderful. So much beauty can come from unexpected mishaps and alternative plans. For me it was the weather that I could not control. It rained the day of my bridal shower in Nebraska, my entire bachlorette party weekend in The Hills, the rehearsal dinner, and it down poured the afternoon of our wedding. In the end the rain let up right in time for our ceremony and made a beautiful backdrop for our photos. It all works out in the end, you get married! My advise for brides is to take the mishaps as they happen (having a backup plan helps for a smooth transition if need be) and enjoy the day. As cliche as it is, the day goes by incredibly fast! Nobody but you will know if something didn't go as planned or if it didn't happen at all.