Ariana and Tyrel Jacquot Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, June 2, 2018

Not only were we blown away by the wind, but also our day! We had an amazing wedding day, no matter what little details go wrong, at the end of the day you get to marry the love of your life, surrounded by your family and closest friends. Its impossible to have a bad day. "It's sooo windy" seemed to be everyones favorite phrase on our wedding day, haha and I just kept saying it's fine and asking if the barn was ready because that is all I needed to get down that aisle and marry my best friend! Which was our most anticipated moment of the day as we chose not to do a first look. We had been looking forward to this moment for months and it was finally here! The big beautiful barn doors opened and I walked in, one brother on each side, my hair in my face, my veil out of control slapping our guests in the face, then catching on the log in the center of the room, and we all started laughing. We got things under control and as soon as I locked eyes with Tyrel everything seemed to get still. The ceremony went perfect, and the wind finally let up just in time to have dinner out on the patio. Our sparkler first dance was magical and the rest of the celebration unforgettable as we danced the night away in the barn with friends and family!

photos by Riley Winter Photography

Wedding Team

How We Met

Tyrel and I met in college at BHSU in Spearfish. We were both running up the stairs late for our physiology final. Without knowledge of each others plan, we both ended up going to SDSU nursing school in Rapid City, SD that fall and the rest is history!

Planning for Our Day

We lived in MN when we got engaged but knew we wanted a wedding back home. We chose Spur Creek Saloon because it was part of home for me and the ranch was a special place for us as our first kiss was here and also where Ty proposed. It was the perfect venue to mix rustic and romantic. The ranch is beautiful and provided a unique place for us to have the exact wedding we wanted! Planning was a little difficult as we had started traveling nursing in January so we were always on the go and never home in SD. With ALOT of hard work on my part and help from Ty, family/friends and amazing vendors we pulled off a pretty amazing day! Having not really thought about wedding planning prior and having zero experience, I used the website to help select vendors and religiously used the wedding timeline checklist, the budget management worksheet and payment record! It is so much more work than you think and these tools were so helpful.

Hint for Brides

Stop, Breathe , and Take it All In!

There are just so many moments throughout your day that are truly once in a lifetime that you will never get again. So when we were having a perfect moment like our first dance I truly stop look around and tell myself "take this all in, remember exactly how you feel in this moment, you won't get it again". I have noticed that if I do that I remember those moments way more vividly.