Abby and Damon LaCroix Wedding Story

Wedding Date
Saturday, July 21, 2018

Wedding Team

How We Met

Damon LaCroix and Abby Stevens met one day during his junior year and Abby's freshman year. Damon was dating one of Abby's acquaintances. Little did they know that they'd fall in love a little over a year later. Prom was coming up in April of 2013 and Abby's friend suggested they go to prom together. Abby was very surprised, yet curious. Abby and Damon were friends on Facebook. Abby messaged him asking if Brittany had said anything about prom. He said she did and the conversation just started. A week later Abby invited him to go bowling with her friends by her side. They hit it off immediately. That night Damon officially asked her to be his prom date. Shortly after, they became boyfriend and girlfriend on March 31, 2013. In October of 2013, Damon left for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Abby surprised him at his basic training graduation for the U.S. Army. Right after a short Christmas break Damon was on his way back to Missouri for his Advanced Individual Training for Chemical Specialist. Damon struggled to finish due to the physical training tests while he had shin splints, a hurt ankle and hip. After a few awkward years Damon fell in love with 3D animation, drawing, and graphic design and decided to pursue a degree at Black Hills State University. Abby began chasing a degree at the same university for business administration with a specialization in entrepreneurial studies and marketing. Currently Damon works as a production assistant at KOTA Territory News and Abby works at Panera Bread.

Hint for Brides

Don't drink the day before or very much on the day off! Stay cool, try to look like yourself! Don't paint on eyebrows if that's not what you normally do. Relax, it's a very long day. EAT! It is one thing you won't have hardly any time for. Drink lots of water, but not too much that you have to pee all day. If your bridesmaids ask if they can go downtown during your reception, only say yes if you really mean it.