Setipha and Kevin Huls Engagement Announcement

Setipha Gill, daughter of Angel Gill of Rapid City, has become engaged to Kevin Huls, son of Jody and Jerry of Sioux city .

Wedding Date

Friday, October 13, 2017


It was Christmas and things were winding down. I was on the floor playing with our son and in the middle of opening a present. My mom and brother are getting their stuff together so that they can leave. My fiance says. "So I heard a bad dad joke at work yesterday." "Yeah?" "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Marry." "Marry who?" Now I am completely unguarded just sitting on the floor. Not even really looking at him. When I turn though there he is on the floor and down on one knee. Holding out the black velvet ring box with a wedding set inside. "Marry me." So I am so completely caught off guard I can't do anything but nod and get my ring on. Mom was upset and surprised because she didn't get any notice so her camera was off but very happy too.

How They Met

Kevin and I met four years ago at the rapid city sodak convention. We talked, exchanged numbers and started dating a week later.