Sami Parette and Taylor Muhlbeier Engagement Announcement

Sami Parette, daughter of Lori & Matthew Parette of Rapid City, has become engaged to Taylor Muhlbeier , son of Delona & Jerry Muhlbeier of Rapid City .

Wedding Date

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Taylor waited 7 1/2 years to ask me to marry him. I was told by many people that I must be a patience person. On Christmas morning of 2016 we did our usual opening presents at his parents’ house and then at mine. At his parents’ house I opened a present from Taylor and it was a 9mm purple Ruger gun, so I thought to myself, “Well there is always next year.” After opening presents, Taylor turned to me and said, I have one more present for you, but you have to wait tell we go to your uncles’ house to open it.” I thought for a split second that it was a ring but then thought to myself, “He will probably make me wait longer.” In the car on the way to my uncle’s house, Taylor sat the present on my lap. I looked at it and picked it up and it was heavy and long. I thought to myself, I knew it wasn’t a ring but what could it be? My family was all talking in the kitchen at my uncle’s house and Taylor told me to open the present. I unwrapped a wooden box, the box read, “Shake a little, peak a little and rip a little.” I shook the box and couldn’t tell what it was. I peaked and saw glitter, as I was unwrapping the box, I saw the word “me” and then “marry”. My aunt yelled, “Well what does it say.” I yelled, “It says will you marry me.” Everyone started screaming and yelling. Then Taylor got down on one knee and said,” Will you marry me.” What did I do? I was so frantic that I stuck out both of my hands. He had to ask me again to marry him because I was so shocked and frantic to get the ring on my finger and of course I said yes! When Taylor and I would talk about use getting engaged, I told him that I wanted my family to be there when he asked me. I’m so happy he asked the way he did.

How They Met

Taylor and I meet at West Middle School. For many years we would see each other around school and sporting events and would make small talk but never thought we would become more then friends, until we ended up in the same math class in high school. It was my junior year and Taylor's senior year. When the teacher made the seating chart, we ended up sitting next to each other and becoming math partners. The next thing I knew I was watching him play all of his Post 22 baseball games.