Kelly and Kyle Kessler Engagement Announcement

Kelly Lechowski, has become engaged to Kyle Kessler.

Wedding Date

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Kelly told Kyle a long time ago that when I get proposed to it better be a full day thing & it has to be a big scene. So Kyle asked Kelly if he wanted to go back home (Rapid City, SD) for his birthday (Sept 1). In Rapid City, the day of our engagement (the day after his birthday and the day before our 5th year anniversary of dating). The day started with breakfast at Kelly and Kyle's favorite restaurant (Colonial House) then Kyle's family and Kelly went horse back riding in the black hills by Crazy Horse and toured Needles Highway. After going back to Rapid City, Kyle's family said they were busy so they couldn't come to dinner with us at our favorite restaurant (Silverado). Kyle and Kelly left to go to dinner in Deadwood. But, Kyle wanted to make a quick stop in Spearfish (where we go every time we go back to his home town). We always have taken photos at Roughlock Falls (in Spear fish canyon) every time we go back to his home town. We probably have photos from every year since we met there. As we walked down to Roughlock falls, Kelly was completely unaware, but Kyle's family was hidden in the trees that surrounded Roughlock falls. We take our usual path that we always take there and enjoyed the scenery. As Kelly was enjoying the waterfalls and the trees, Kyle was getting down on one knee and taking out the engagement ring from a customized wooden ring box Kyle has been working on for months! Right after he proposed, his whole family popped out of all the trees around us and had pictures of the whole thing! Kyle said he didn't propose to me the next day (our anniversary) because he didn't want me to expect anything, he wanted it to be a complete surprise! :)

How They Met

Our story began 5 years ago at Minnesota State University, Mankato... Kyle and Kelly met her first day of college. Kelly's college dorm roommate asked if she wanted to help her boyfriend move in. Kelly agreed and it turned out that Kyle was Kelly's roommate's boyfriend's roommate. Ever since then they spent everyday together. He asked her out within a couple weeks because Kyle said he knew Kelly was the one. Kelly declined, but Kyle didn't give up. He asked her out another three times before she finally gave in. Kelly hasn't left Kyle's side since! He showed Kelly how to get to all of her classes, how to cook, and Kelly taught Kyle how to play tennis. They still enjoy playing tennis together (they are on a league together).