Kattie and Aaron Bland Engagement Announcement

Kattie Ranta, daughter of Karl and Terri Ranta of Rapid City, South Dakota, has become engaged to Aaron Bland, son of Robert Bland & Shireen Sahli of Rapid City, South Dakota.

Wedding Date

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Aaron and I love to travel, so when he decided to book a spontaneous trip to Cancun I was all for it! It started off like this: Our flight from Rapid was delayed for two hours! While I was stressed we were going to miss our connecting flight from Chicago to Cancun all Aaron really seemed to care about was his luggage! I was very confused because Aaron is the type that stresses about nothing! It just seemed odd. Once we landed in Chicago we found out our connecting flight also was delayed, and delayed just enough so we did not miss it! Aaron and I were laughing nonstop about how lucky we had to be, but still he kept mentioning his luggage. The second day of our trip consisted of lounging at the resort's pool and drinking mojitos. We ate sushi for dinner and decided to go for a walk before we went to one of the resorts show that night. We walked the beach and found our way onto a pier. With the sound of waves hitting the beach, Aaron dropped to one knee and asked if I would spend forever with him! After realizing he was not joking, I SAID YES!! Come to find out, Aaron carried my ring in his luggage and thought it might get lost/stolen before he could propose! Brave Soul! Aaron planned everything perfectly and I am still in disbelief that I get to spend the rest of my life with him!

How They Met

Aaron and I have known each other since high school. It was one of those "knew of them" but that was really it. He rode motocross and I played basketball and volleyball so we hardly were ever around the same crowd. Nearly 9 years after Aaron graduated he decided to message me on facebook! We caught up and hit it off right away.