Kati and Adam Brubakken Engagement Announcement

Kati Rath, daughter of Erick and Shelley Rath of Rapid City, SD, has become engaged to Adam Brubakken , son of Janet and Corey Brubakken of Rapid City, SD.

Wedding Date

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Adam had me convinced that I was attending an awards banquet for his work. I arrived at the Tower Club to find no other cars there. Feeling confused, I went inside. As I turned the corner to enter the room, I heard the music from the movie Up called "Married Life". Up was the movie we watched the night we first started dating. I knew something was going to happen when I heard the melody. I turned the corner into a large banquet hall where I saw one lone table and only him. A photographer in the corner snapped picture while he got down on one knee and proposed!! Adam put so much effort into all the details. He gathered a huge bundle of balloons to reflect the balloons in the movie. He painted a mailbox for us, made an adventure book full of our memories, and created a jar for us to save money for an adventure - just like in the movie! He was even dressed similar to Carl! After informing our parents, we settled down at the table to watch Up on the large projector screen while a waitress served us dinner. It was the best night of my life. It was so meaningful and amazing and I truly could not have asked for a better proposal!

How They Met

We met in high school, Rapid City Stevens, through mutual friends. We dated for 8 months before he left for college at the United States Air Force Academy. After 2 years of long distance dating, I finally graduated and was accepted into a college in Colorado just down the road for him. Two years after that, he graduated from USAFA and was stationed at Wright Patterson in Dayton, Ohio as a hospital administrator. I followed him and now attend The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. After 6 years of dating, he finally proposed and I said YES!