Kary and Justin King Engagement Announcement

Kary Vomacka, daughter of Deb Walker and Gary Vomacka of Chamberlain, SD and Gregory, SD , has become engaged to Justin King, son of Rick and Stacia King and Jodi King of Cleveland, TX and Gregory, SD .

Wedding Date

Saturday, September 16, 2017


We have discussed getting married for quite some time, probably 4 years now, and finally in early 2016 we began looking at engagement rings together. On July 16th, 2016 we found THE ring and Justin was very adamant that he was going to get the yellow diamond that I have wanted since being a little girl! There was no big surprise or proposal, but the experience was ours and we both wouldn't have it any other way. We waited 3 weeks and kept our engagement a secret as it was important for us to tell close family and friends in person during the visit we had already planned out for the first week in August. Everyone was surprised and obviously happy, most everyone commented "about time", it was always pretty obvious we would get married some day- some were more patient than others. For those 3 weeks Justin would go get my ring out of it's lovely box every night so that I could wear it when I would come home from work. Those 3 weeks were the most cherished weeks we've ever spent together, so much excitement and joy, and without any influence from others we were able to visualize exactly what we wanted for our special day.

How They Met

We have known of each other since childhood as we grew up in the same small town, but did not know one another very well until Spring 2010 when our path's crossed from hanging out with mutual friends. Ever since that spring we have been inseparable and have become best friends.