Jordan and Sterling Boylan Engagement Announcement

Jordan Fremont, daughter of Karen and Dave Fremont of Spearfish, has become engaged to Sterling Boylan.

Wedding Date

Saturday, July 25, 2015


October 10, 2014! The man of my dreams swept me off my feet unexpectedly. Just a summer Friday evening after work, sterling called and gave me a list of instructions... as told, i did exactly that. He had me go get his computer, open my documents, click on the document titled "forever", and he said I will see you soon my phones going to die. The document was a recap of our time spent together as boyfriend and girlfriend. At the end of the document he asked me to meet him where he first called me his.. I drove to Newell to the hill top that over looks Newell lake where I saw Sterling and our puppy Oakley waiting for me. He grabbed both my hands told me he loved me and then before I even knew what was happening he was down on one knee asking me to spend "forever" with him. I couldn't be happier knowing this man will go to great lengths to make me happy, support me, grow with me, and love me unconditionally!