Joanna and Cody Wiseman Engagement Announcement

Joanna Schriver, daughter of JoAnne & Roger Schriver of Rapid City, has become engaged to Cody Wiseman, son of George Wiseman & Kristi Sundstrom of Poland Ohio.

Wedding Date

Saturday, June 30, 2018


The link above will take you directly to our engagement video! With help from some wonderful friends, Cody was able to capture the entire moment with out me knowing.

How They Met

Cody & I had originally grown up in the same town but hadn't met until going to college at Black Hills State. We met at a mutual friends house to participate in our weekly ritual of watching the newest episode of whatever awful show was on that night. He seemed quiet and shy and we didn't talk much. As the next few days went on, we chatted and eventually met up. There was an instant connection but mostly as new friends. Growing closer, we had both decided that a relationship just wasn't what we had planned on pursuing until we were both sure that this would last. As I'm sure everyone who is either planning or participating in a wedding knows, things don't always go as planned. Three short months later we were dating and six months into our relationship, we were engaged!